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19th March 2019 


There is a lot of pressure particularly nowadays to be slim, and many of us are obsessed with with our body image and with weight control. Excessive dieting, starving oneself, calorie counting, taking too many laxatives and/or vomiting can lead to serious problems. Childhood issues can also cause bulimia (over-eating and vomiting) the more serious condition of anorexia. We do not take on severe cases of anorexia.

Counselling and psychotherapy can be very helpful in establishing the root causes of why you feel the need to comfort eat, binge eat, feel pre-occupied with your weight and body image and to treat eating disorders such as severe over-eating, bulimia and moderate cases of anorexia.

By working with a counsellor or psychotherapist you can gain understandint of the underlying causes of your particular issue around eating and explore your relationship to food. This will involve looking at the onset of the eating disorder, looking at childhood issues and practical treatment in the present such as help in monitoring how much you eat, keeping diaries and a treatment plan.

What are the Benefits of Psychotherapy and Counselling for Eating Disorders?

Finding out the underlying causes of your issues around food and eating

Exploring the thoughts, feelings and habits that continue the cycle of over-eating or starving yourself.

Gain insight and understanding to why you need to maintain this cycle and identifying the triggers that cause you to over-eat or starve yourself.

Develop ways to change your eating habits, improve your self-image and build up psychological strength.

Develop coping strategies to manage the compulsion to over-eat, starve, vomit, taking laxatives or over-exercising